Designing Dichroic Glass and Casting Frit Jewelry


Bring your creative mind and explore designing glass jewelry and casting glass.  The class covers the beginning of working with dichroic glass.  We will make a two set of hand carved dichroic pattern glass pendants and earnings.  the class will also study the casting of frits into jewelry.  You'll mount silver-plated finding onto pendants and earnings.  Learn the basics of running a glass kiln hands-on in class.  All levels of experience welcome.  All glass and tools provided.  Bring super glue (non gel type), black sharpie pen and safely glasses. 

Placer School for Adults.

3775 Richardson Dr. Auburn, PSA Art Room
4 Sessions: 2/8/18 to 3/1/18   Thursday   1:00 to 4:00
Class # 8028300
$64. class fee and material Fee $55.    530 885-8585


Recycled Wine Bottles and Ceramics


Recycle wine bottles while discovering the fun of turning them into something new.  You'll make 2 slumped bottle vessel projects. You may bring one bottle of your own for this project if you would like.  No larger than 750ml with the labels removed.  You'll make a lighted bottle and a ceramic bird feeder with a roof.  We will add beads and copper wire to the bottle and ceramic bird feeder.  All will receive a detailed project sheets.


3775 Richardson Dr. Auburn, PSA Art Room
4 Sessions : 4/5/18 to 4/26/18, Thursday  1:00 to 4:00
Class # 8028400
$64 class fee and  material fee$45.   530-885-8585


Glass Weaving with a Twist


In this glass class we will learn how to weave two glass vessels.  Go beyond the normal glass weaving you've seen before.  We'll learn to view light and color of glass to make exciting woven glass.  Discover how using different sizes of glass strips, copper fused in glass, and stringers can add interest to your projects.  You will create two 10"x 10" slump vessels.  We will also do a glass lace project.  Bring lunch and your creativity mind to class.  All tools, and glass will be provided.  Bring to class superglue (no non-gel type), black sharpie pen, and safely glasses.  Material fee $60. at class and class fee $89.


Sierra College Community Education

Class # 2518
2 sessions: 3/10/18  10:00 to 4:00 and 3/17/18 10:00 to 12:00   Saturdays 
location: Rocklin Campus, Rocklin


Casting Glass Jewelry and Glass Tile


With casting molds for jewelry, you'll discover how to use frits of dichroic, and color glass to make shapes for beautiful pendants.  Learn how to prepare the molds for the frits and how to layer frit glass.  We'll use pre-fired glass tiles that you will cut with a glass saw, for pendants.  We will mount finding to the pendants with the correct bonds. The class  will discuss how to blend glass.  Bring a lunch and your creative mind.  Materials fee $55. and class fee $89.


Sierra College Community Education

class # 2519
2 sessions: 4-7-18: 10:00 to 4:00 and 4-14-18: 10:00 to 12:00  Saturdays
Location: Rocklin Campus

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